Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Rally Cry/ Week Four of the Genealogy Do-Over

Progress Report/ Week 4 of the Genealogy Do-Over

My how the Do-Over spreads to your entire life! I seem to have taken a small vacation from Genealogy this week, but there was there was no escape from the Do-Over!

First, I thought I would finish a small reorganization of my genealogy filing system. OF COURSE it wasn’t small! And before I had “finished" the apparent task, it pointed me to a forgotten high-level folder in my Documents folder (first level in that folder): 3.38GB of storage for 2,361 items. It may take me all year to straighten this one out.-I may have been deliberately overlooking this mess? (Note: Apply the new rally cry from the Do-Over community “One Step at a Time!”) The upside of this detour is that I found the digital copy of an important will which no Spotlight search had uncovered. That document is now safely labeled and stored in the new genealogy filing system.

Second, I entered one name in my new Do-Over family tree; recording work on the next proof point in my research plan. I have a picture of him — where is it? Can’t be found.

So now I’m indexing the 2,504 images on my computer, correlating this list with the images on my husband’s computer, and working with him to plan for better image story accessible to both of us, with redundant backup, and not using so much of the hard drive on either computer. Apple is planning to present a new approach to images in 2015, so we may need to delay the final portion of this plan.

On my computer, 70 images, 2434 to go! (Note: Reaffirm the rally cry, “One Step at a Time!)

Did I advance much in actual genealogy work? NO. Did I advance at all; Did I change and grow? YES. 

Repeat after me “One Step at a Time!'

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