Friday, July 5, 2013

New Organization (The Organized Genealogist)

Early in the life of the Facebook group "The Organized Genealogist," I posted a picture of the hall bookshelves which held my genealogy papers and books. This storage worked well except for the fact that it was separated from my computer desk by the entire length of the house. About June 17 I rearranged this storage to move my genealogy materials to my computer area.

I have trouble handling photos in Facebook. After struggle to post this there in the way I wish to show it, I have decided to make a blog about these changes.

Here is the original shelving arrangement in the back hallway.

Here is the new arrangement in the industrial shelving that acts as a room divider between my computer desk plus stitchery studio and the living room area in our house.

This is the desk side of the shelving. It shows all my Family Notebooks, my genealogy reference books, and my loose paper files. The second shelf also holds my Flip-Pal scanner. The third shelf holds loose papers to be analyzed, scanned and filed, or filed, or discarded. It also contains the tote bags I use when going on a research trip.

The basket in front of the shelves holds my entire embroidery floss collection. It also serves as a shelf to hold the papers with which I'm working. Shown here are printouts of email correspondence my sister-in-law shared with us. The basket  holds any of the note books or research books equally well.

This is the living room side of the same shelving area. Above the genealogy storage you see additional stitchery supplies.

Although this isn't rigidly neat, it looks well from both sides and my genealogy supplies are handy to my work desk when I am working on the computer.

Finally, here is the hall shelving, now holding the stationery items that used to be by the computer.


For me this is a great improvement; when I want to find a reference not in my computer, or to compare printouts of earlier work with the computer screen I am currently working with, everything is within arm's reach. I now go the length of the house to get this stationary (a once-a-week to once-a-month trip), but I have my genealogy where I work.