Monday, January 5, 2015

Here is my new attempt at a narrative style research log. At this time it appears to be combined with a research plan. This works for me, but may not work for other folk.

A log will have more than one entry (unless you have done only one search which found only one document). In a spread-sheet style, each line is an entry. In a narrative log, these should be arranged by the order in which you found them. Today, I have used bullets to separate the logs;  I think a numbering system would be better, but I can't figure out what system should be used. — What would you do?

I've been struggling with logs since the day I started to use Reunion in 2007; log information is all over my computer. This style seems to come closest to meeting my requirements. But I also need to be clear to other workers.

Lynn Dosch sent me some good questions and suggestions after reading my first attempts, which I tried to incorporate into this version. Please, Lynn, and anyone else do the same for this one. I hope you readers will tear this apart and add more suggestions.

Goal: Who are the parents and siblings of Sue Strickler? (Born: 1927 – Living)
Immediate documents to search for would be 
Birth certificates
Baptisms (I was not baptized as an infant; there are no church records)
  Census records: 1930, 1940
As other sources become available, they will be added; as:
Email Attachment from {name withheld} {place withheld}

Research Log: 

Document Description: Original Birth Certificate (Long form) description to come. As of January 4, 2015,I could not find this document online at the Missouri State Archives, Ancestry, or FamilySearch. The originally issued copy is hidden (filed in the notorious “nice safe place” somewhere inside my house and cannot be accessed at this time. The physical search for my copy is continuing. Source 1tk.

Document Description: Missouri State Issued Birth Certificate, amended to show the spelling change I initiated at age 12. Source 2

Background/Evaluation: ALL my official documents except the original birth certificate are spelled “Carolyn;” this amended birth certificate is the only official record of that change in spelling. The certificate gives as Authorization “CHAPTER 193 RSMO.” I haven’t research the laws behind this statement.

The original source citation: Birth Certification for Carolyn Sue Strickler
Missouri. The Department of Health of Missouri.
State Registrar of Vital Statistics. Privately held by SWM
accessed 10 Sep 1996

At the present time, I plan on keeping this citation format.

Storage: In Dropbox: Reunion Files>Files for Both Versions>!Reunion Pictures>Documents>Birth>StricklerSue 1927 Birth.pdf

Document Description: Descendants of Joseph Kimmell, a 36 page unsourced descendancy chart (list) sent to me via email by my fourth cousin Mike. Source Z

Background/Evaluation: This is a “springboard" source. Much of the other information I received from Mike was carefully sourced, but this chart is unsourced. There are 2182 individuals in this chart.

I will use this chart along with all other appropriate documents as I prepare proof statements using the Evidentia program.

History: I first met Mike when he responded to a query about his tree at RootsWeb. Through much of 2008, he corresponded with me via email, patiently answering my questions, sending me some of his materials, and teaching me my first immediately applied lessons in genealogy. I consider this correspondance as a twenty-first century equivalence to the older style voice interview.

In 2008, I entered the 2182 names into my Reunion software. This was a useful activity at the time; it taught me how to understand the structure of this form of genealogical information. It also gave me lots of practice with using my very new-to-me software. It was this list that showed me my first example of genealogical collapse (families who intermarry in more than one generation).

Today, I know that my tree is full of non-information: 2182 persons whose histories have never been researched and perhaps will never be researched. Because this document provides names and relationships that alert me to possible connections, I will use it in my research as a source which is valuable to me. I do not consider that the information here a strong part of my evidence.

Storage: As of 4 January, 2015, this document is stored in my Dropbox files: Dropbox>Reunion Files >Files for Both Versions>eDocArchives>Mike {private}>{surname private}; Strickler, Carolin Sue; 2008-02-29; Email Attachment; {places private}

Other Documents attached to this goal: As of  4 January, 2015, other than the two documents listed above this entry, there are no other documents at this time.

Future Action: As of 4 January, 2014, there is no plan for future action.

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